What brushes do you use for your line art?
익명 회원


I primarily use these settings for most of my lines / sketching

I also set my eraser with the same settings


I broke the link to my old brush post a while back and never got around to fixing it, but I figured I may as well update it now. Anything you’ve seen me draw in the last year or so was drawn with these brushes.

I’m just gonna assume if you want to use these you have a pretty good grasp on how SAI works. So here’s the pack. If there’s a problem with any of them please let me know.


dO I ?????? want to use tumblr again ??????? for art???????????????

i actually have been using my dreamwidth! i write about my character’s backstories and such 2 bad none yall will ever get to see tho bc u stay suckin the teet of tumblr

where u can find my art n shit now instead of tumblr http://girlmoney.dreamwidth.org/

from now on i’m only gonna use LJ or dreamwidth (probably the latter cos that is where my gf and i’s rps are so everything can be in the same spot) for posting my art bc i dont want it to become another thing lost in the giant clusterfuck of reblogs here just like i dont want anyone faving my shit on art sites im not here for this impersonal interaction bye